Formation sur le networking

Training on Networking

Training provided by Ferdinand Petra (in English or French)

1. Definition of  networking

  • Official definition of networking
  • Ferdinand Petra’s definition
  • Misconceptions about networking
  • Sequantial diagram on how to apprehend well networking
  • A good networking does not mean that you will directly get a job interview
  • How to reach the job interview thanks to the networking?

2. The four pillars of networking

  • Networking mapping
    o Family
    o Professional experiences
    o Extra curricular activities and interest
  • How to use efficiently LinkedIn
  • School alumni meeting and ex-company(ies) alumni
  • Other events: industry, company specific events….

3. Networking mapping

  • Why this step is so important to be efficient in networking?
  • What are the tools to help you build this mapping?

4. Efficient use of LinkedIn

  • What type of information to include in LinkedIn?
  • How much information should you include? More or less than a  CV ?
  • Should you include a summary? If yes, what should be its content?
  • Well define your LinkedIn url
  • How to identify the relevant contacts through LinkedIn?
    o Do you have to pay for the Premium function of LinkedIn?
    o The networking follow up Excel file is a “must have”
  • Example of contact email templates
    o What should be the key points of such email?
    o How to use your netowrking mapping for this email?

5. Networks of School and ex-exemployer(s) alumni

  • Where to find the relevant information to meet such alumni and be efficient?
  • How to best use the ressources provided by your School alumni association?
    o Job offers?
    o Club, Thematic and sectorial associations
    o List of alumni vs. LinkedIn

6. How to optimize your participation to industry, alumni and company specific events

  • How to identify such events? Which ones are relevant for networking?
    o Identify the key companies
    o What are the key themes of your industry?
    o What sport’s event to attend to when they are sponsored by one of your target companies?
  • Which behaviour to adopt in such networking events
    o How to approach a group of 2 or 3 persons?
    o What will make other persons happy to discuss with you?
    o What are the discussion topics to avoid
    o How to start a conversation (“Ice breaker”)?
  • Examples of emails to get a first contact (do & don’t)
  • Examples of “thank you” emails (do & don’t)