Formation sur la rédaction de CV et Lettre de motivation

Training for CV and cover letter writing

Training provided by Ferdinand Petra (in English or French)

Extracts of slides used in this training

1. General rules for a CV

  • What is the purpose of a CV?
  • What are the key points of a good CV ?
  • Format, style, typos
  • What are the skills you want to demonstrate in a CV?
    o Identify the skills required in the job you are applying to

2. Structure of a  CV

  • Personal information: pitfalls to avoid
  • Education: what are the key points recruiters are looking at?
  • Professional experience: key points to mention and “fatal” mistakes that can be made
  • Extra-curricular activities:
    o On which points recruiters will focus?
    o What are the skills to put forward in this section?
  • Foreign languages: let’s make it simple!
  • IT skills
  • Other interests
    o Why this part is so important: “airport loundge concept”?
    o What information a recruiter will look for in this section?

3. Do and Don’t in a CV

  • The four golden rules of an impactful CV
  • The five “fatal” mistakes in a CV
  • Examples of mistakes to avoid:
    o Too long CV trop
    o Make job description without telling what you have achieved personally
    o Dwell too much in details
    o Passive or too generic verbs
    o Be boring
  • Examples of good and bad description of your professional experience
    Two individual CV review and sharing of standard CV templates

4. Cover letter and introduction email

  • When to send a cover letter?
  • What is the difference between an introduction email and a cover letter?
  • What structure to adopt for a cover letter?
    o Introduction paragraph: key points to include
    o Part dealing with the company you applying to: how to find impactful and relevant information
    o The « match » between your application and the company / job
    o Conclusion : « your single value proposition »
  • What are the key points of a cover letter: length, to whom should it be addressed, should it be formal?
  • Examples of impactful cover letters